About Us

A few words about us

Launch Your Game is what happens when we follow our passions. As kids, we loved playing video games; and as adults, we love making them. That is why we wanted to enable everyone to make their own version of a favourite childhood game. Basically, children were an inspiration when we brainstormed the concept of our platform. We wanted it to have both effortless navigation, a variety of tools and features- all embedded in one intuitive dashboard, and widely-familiar game types templates. By creating easily comprehensible commands, we have enabled anyone with at least a basic level of digital literacy to use the platform.

When it comes to templates, we tried to add the most popular basic game types so far. Anyone with a wish to make their own version of all-time favouritegames should be able to do so and maybe earn money along the way thanks to the multiple publishing options.

Our platform is not beneficial to amateurs only, even experienced developers will find it interesting. They can test a game prototype in a shorter time than with other tools, so it can be used as a significant time-saver for professional game creators.

Finally, our wish is that you'll find Launch Your Game to be helpful and fun as we hoped you would while we were working on it.

Have fun and build games!